Which One is the Best Furmax High Back Office Chair & Why
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Which One is the Best Furmax High Back Office Chair & Why

by PAZillow on April 7, 2021
Which One is the Best Furmax High Back Office Chair & Why

April 7, 2021 Which One is the Best Furmax High Back Office Chair & Why Contrary to popular notions, gaming involves several movements. Though you are seated on the chair for the entire duration of the game, it involves several twists, turns, arm, and hip movements. Therefore, you need a chair that will be able to support that. The same goes for when you’re working too. That’s why you need a chair that can support your movement and make you feel comfortable even if you have been seated for 8 hours.
But can you use just one chair for both? Yes, you can. And we will be reviewing one of Furmax’s gaming chairs that fits the bill. The brand may be more known for racing like gaming chairs. But it can also be beneficial for both work and play. So keep scrolling and we will review this Furmax high back chair with a footrest. And we’ll see at the end why you should also consider this for your home office.
Ergonomic and versatile
If a chair offers several ergonomic features, you can use it for a variety of activities and applications. Apart from gaming, an ergonomic chair can be comfortably used for watching movie marathons, lounging, or even for working longer hours.
So why not get a gaming chair that can also double as an office chair? One, if you’re a gamer, you only need one chair for both work and play. and of course, it can save you money if that chair is comfortable for both applications. It’s also a space saver since you do not need to store another chair.
And two, if you love the racer game look and want such for your work setup, our feathered gaming chair from Furmax is equipped with features that can also make you comfortable at work.

Feels nice on the back
This high back chair feels nice on the back. The material used is decent, nothing that looks cheap, And albeit with the PU leather material, it does not feel too hot.
It even offers adjustable lumbar support and you can outfit it with a pillow if you want more cushion support. The backrest is properly cushioned but it’s not a plush softness, it’s gearing more towards the firm one. So it can give you the needed support to keep your back in a proper position. And since the lumbar part is a bit curved to follow the contour of your back, you won’t be forced to sit in a straight position. A straight spinal position can be painful on your back at the end of the day.
When we are reviewed for the comfort of a chair, whether it’s a gaming chair or an office chair, one of the number one aspects we look for is lumbar support. This will determine if the chair can be comfortable for long hours. And we can say that our back felt supported within a 6-8 hours shift with this Furmax chair.
It tilts and reclines
It also allows you to tilt to a more comfortable position. One of our team members who stands 6’1” and weighs over 200 lbs and tried the chair. The chair was able to hold the tilt for him without any issues. There weren’t any creaks and it does not feel like there are screws that are starting to get loose, to speak off. So the tilt function of the chair also works for most users.
And one advantage most gaming chairs have over most office chairs is their ability to do a nice recline. You can recline this chair to a 180-degree angle and doze off. it’s convenient for taking naps in between work. The Reciffer is one of the affordable office chairs that can offer the most recline at 175 degrees. But we had several stability and durability issues with this office chair.
The Furmax gaming chair, on the other hand, can hold the recline quite well. But we will suggest the max weight to be 225 lbs. There’s more elaboration on the capacity of the chair later in the article.
Pull out Footrest
Few office chairs offer a pullout footrest. This, when combined with a nice tilt and recline can be very relaxing.
Joy Fox is one of the few office chairs that offer this convenience. But the arms are stationary so there are a few limitations.
This Furmax chair, on the other hand, offers a pullout footrest. This offers a more relaxing position if your feet are too tired already from working longer hours. Though it is a very convenient part of the chair, there’s a bit of imitation too. And we’ll elaborate on it in the next section

1. Misrepresented weight capacity
This gaming chair is said to hold a maximum of 300 lbs. So is it true? In our experiment, the heaviest that you’ll feel stable and comfortable in this chair is 225 lbs. So still decently durable and stable. The chair can also hold the tilt and recline at this weight.
But still, the brand may have over-represented the chair in terms of weight capacity. We felt that over 225 lbs, the chair will have squeals and a bit of wobble already. So we don’t recommend it for those who weigh above 225 lbs. It can lead to a shorter life span of the chair.
2. Footrest is flimsy
As much as we love the pull-out footrest, we find it too flimsy. It shakes, it wobbles and it can break if you weigh sufficiently. The footrest isn’t at par with the overall durability of the chair. So if the chair can bear 225 max of weight, the footrest cannot. So if you’re going to use the footrest, we recommend only average-sized individuals go for it, not more than 200 lbs.
3. More comprehensive assembly
Some users find this model easy to assemble. Most Furmax chairs have that advantage. But some people had trouble going through it. First, the instruction was written in broken English. Maybe the writer is not a native English speaker, we’re not sure. That’s why some users have a hard time comprehending it. Though one of the solutions is to hover through YouTube and you’ll find an array of tutorial videos that can show you how to assemble the chair.
And two, it has a lot of parts. Furmax chairs without a footrest are easier to install. And since this unit has one and more features, you have to expect a more elaborate setup and more small parts. But that is what’s the cost of chairs with a lot of ergonomic parts. Also, the cost of the chair is one of the reasons why you also have to do more DIY. So to be able to get through the setup easy, we suggest asking for help. A two-man team will be better equipped in finishing the assembly in a shorter time. time. You’ll also have someone to hold out the chair’s part when you align and tighten the screws. This will save you a lot of time and spare you from frustrations.
Since you need to ensure that you are tightening all the connections of the chair evenly, don’t hesitate to ask for help in setting it up. Otherwise, when one of the connections is too tight than the other, you have to unscrew and retighten everything again.
Also, some of the parts may not be labeled, while some are. So you have to refer to the manual. It will have pictures of the parts and directions on what parts connect to what.
So what makes this Furmax gaming chair also suitable for work?

It has several ergonomic features that can support movements.
The armrests are vertically adjustable. Though you cannot pivot it in and out, you can, however, move it up and down to fit your height. Also, the armrests are durable. It doesn’t shake nor fall out. Not all office chairs have this functionality. Even Furmax’s office chairs such as the mid-back mesh chair lack this option. A chair without height adjustable arms can only be used by a few people. You have to fit exactly into the chair to be able to find it suitable.
The seat is sufficiently cushioned. It sits in between firm and soft. So you will not sink in but it will not feel too hard on your butt.
 The chair feels durable and stable.
It offers a tilt and recline position. So it’s going to be convenient for taking naps during breaks.
It has adjustable lumbar support and neck rest. As we have mentioned good lumbar support is necessary for a chair to be labeled comfortable. And this gaming chair offers that which can also be adjusted.
The caster wheels roll smoothly. So it’s easier to hover to the other desk.
This office chair is one of the most comfortable computer chair for work long hours, according to Standingdesktopper.com

And who would not benefit from it

This high back hair will not be able to go low enough for shorter users.
If you weigh over 225 lbs, it can shake the chair a bit and shorten its lifespan.
This chair has that racing car kind of look and feel. Though it’s subtler compared to the other gaming chairs of the brand, it will still have that appeal. So if you do not like a chair that mimics a racer’s seat, you will not like this.

Can you use a gaming chair for your home office? Yes, as long as it’s equipped with ergonomic features you need to make you comfortable at work. And this Furmax high back gaming chair growth is even more ergonomic than other office chair brands. It’s very affordable too. Post Source


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