Home Improvements to Increase Your Property Value
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Home Improvements to Increase Your Property Value

by PAZillow on October 16, 2020
Home Improvements to Increase Your Property Value

Completing home improvement projects can be a fantastic way to boost your livability and add value to your property. That being said, home upgrades can also be a massive waste of money, so you must do your research and invest in projects that will give you a high return. Here are some of the best home improvements to increase your property value.
Modernize your kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most popular areas of the home to upgrade, and most homebuyers want a modern and efficient kitchen. A minor kitchen remodel will give an estimated return of 77.6%. This makes it one of the most profitable home improvement projects. The best part is, you don’t need to spend lots of money to upgrade your kitchen and make the space more functional and appealing. You can easily modernize your kitchen by upgrading your appliances, replacing cabinet doors and worktops, and installing new lighting. These simple upgrades can have a major impact and instantly increase the value of your home.
Install an outbuilding
Installing an outbuilding can be another reliable way to increase your property value. Creating additional living or storage space will make your home appeal more to prospective buyers, especially those with big families. If you have a large backyard, then consider installing an outbuilding like a shed, summer house, or garden room. This space can be used as storage or converted into functional living space such as a home office or a gym. You could also convert an outbuilding into a hobby room or workshop. Take a look at lesiurebuilding.com for inspiration on the ultimate garden workshops available.
Boost your curb appeal
Your home exterior plays a vital role in the overall value of your property. Keep in mind that potential buyers are likely to judge the quality of your home based on what they see from the outside. You should, therefore, place a special focus on maintaining a neat and tidy home exterior that will create a good first impression. Luckily, there are countless simple ways to boost your curb appeal. Here are a few ideas:

Maintain your front and backyard by cutting the grass, trimming back hedges, etc.
Keep your driveway and walkways clean and clear of debris.
Plant attractive trees and shrubs in your front yard.
Install exterior lighting to brighten your entryway.
Repaint your front door or window frames.

Increase your energy performance
Increasing your energy performance is not only good for the planet, but it can also save you heaps of money on your energy bills. There are plenty of easy ways to improve your home’s energy-efficiency. For instance, you could add extra insulation in your walls and loft, replace old windows and doors, install a smart thermostat, and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. Most home buyers are aware of the cost-saving benefits of energy-efficiency, so these upgrades can instantly increase the value and appeal of your home. Post Source


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