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Coffee Table Decoration

by PAZillow on April 16, 2021
Coffee Table Decoration

The coffee table is usually the centre of any living space, and it normally is the place where remote controls, magazines and empty glasses or mugs get left. Try transforming your coffee table with a few simple tricks.
Make Sure Your Coffee Table Complements The Rest Of The Room
You want your coffee table to stand out, but also to complement the rest of the room it is placed in. Look for coffee tables that suit the style you are using, or are using similar materials. 
With a wide range of coffee tables available, you have endless designs to choose from giving you the freedom to find exactly what you are looking for. Designs like the Noguchi Coffee Table have been used in living rooms since the mid-century and incorporate both modern and traditional materials to create a versatile design.
Use a mix of designs
The best coffee table decorations use a mix of mediums, heights and shapes. Look at trying to incorporate flowers, books, trays, dishes, candles and accessories to bring a unique twist to your coffee table decor. This helps to keep the coffee table looking balanced, and interesting. 
Don’t Cover The Table
Even though it is recommended to use a mix of decorations, using your own judgement you need to decide when it looks too cluttered. You want to consider that the coffee table will have glasses and mugs placed on the side, so keep the edges free for this. Do not try to over complicate or crowd the table, this will depend a lot on the size of your coffee table.
Avoid items that are too tall
Consider how the coffee table is being used, it is usually placed in front of the TV or in the middle of a social space. Tall items that will obstruct the view over the coffee table will want to be avoided. An item that is too tall to be used on a coffee table could look to be used on the fireplace, windowsill or side table.
Consider all the different angles
As the coffee table is usually the centre of the room, when decorating you will want to consider the different viewpoints that people will admire the coffee table. The best coffee table decoration will look stylish from every angle. Post Source


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