7 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners
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7 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners

by PAZillow on August 1, 2020
7 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners

Everyone loves a beautiful looking lawn. As a new homeowner, your yard is one of the essential pieces to beautify your new home. Now and then, garbage and dried up leaves can have your lawn looking more like a wasteland than a beautiful home piece. From regular trimming and maintenance to a complete revamp of your yard appearance, some essential lawn care tools are needed to have your lawn looking its best.
If you are a new homeowner, you most likely don’t know the tools that come in handy for your newly acquired space. While buying lots of new tools can be fun, most of them will probably never be used.
Well not to worry, here are seven must-have lawn care tools to keep your lawn looking perfect:
Shovels are essentials for every new homeowner. As simple as it seems, this handy tool can perform multiple tasks on your lawn. Shovels come in different shapes, models, and sizes, all suited for various purposes. It has a handle, sometimes made from steel, plastic, metal, and scarcely ceramic making it easy or you to hold when working on your lawn. Beyond the grasp is a steel metal head made of durable steel that can cut through hardened surfaces. Unlike other inferior equipment, a shovel requires little maintenance. Either you are digging, scraping, or packing, a shovel is what you need. Wheelbarrow
When it comes to Earth Moving Equipment Suppliers, a wheelbarrow can help you save time and energy during yard work. As a new lawn owner, you most likely need to pack away many things and add new features to your space. With a wheelbarrow, you can reduce your workload and time spent on setting up your lawn. A wheelbarrow, like a shovel, comes in different materials, shapes, and sizes with each suited for various purposes. Depending on how you want your lawn to look, you can either opt for a simple model or a heavy-duty wheelbarrow. The most important factor is for your wheelbarrow to move your stuff around your lawn conveniently.
Lawns are beautiful. Perfect for an outdoor grill get together or a picnic. However, when you have dried up leaves and waste like plastic bags and paper, your lawn won’t look so inviting. As a new homeowner, you are bound to meet some of this on your new turf. Not to worry, you don’t have to walk around picking it up. With a blower, you can generate enough air power to blow waste off your lawn and into a specific direction. Most are powered with electricity and are soundproof, making it much more economical and easy to use. Blowers also come in various models. While some come with enough firepower to blow off heavy debris from your lawn, others are designed for lightweight waste like dried leaves.
Cordless String Trimmer
When it comes to having a lawn, trimming is inevitable. Now you don’t have to go around holding giant scissors with beads of sweat, with the cordless string trimmer, you can trim your entire yard on a single charge. With a powerful battery pack, you can carry your handy trimmer around without worrying about its electric cord being pulled out of its socket
Shrubs and small trees can give your lawn the ideal garden look. However, if not kept in check, you might have a forest on your hands. Pruners help you keep plant growth on your lawn in check and shape them into your desired look. You can get a pruner that leaves a tear-free cut, assisting plants in healing faster.
Shovel Gloves
If you plan on working on your lawn, gloves are the most important things to get. Gloves protect your hands from getting dirty; they also save you from blisters and bruises you get from tilling. There are different variations of gloves. There are some suited for digging; they come with makeshift claws to save our nails the trouble. The stretchable material is also made of waterproof latex that provides a slip-free grip that is comfortable and sleek.
Garden Hose
Holding a watering can and walking around your lawn will leave you with backaches and exhaustion, and that doesn’t mean the job will be done correctly. A gardening hose can help you water your shrubs, trees, and flowers on your yard, keeping them green, fresh and dust-free. Depending on the size of your yard, there are also, multiple options to suit your space
Except you are going into heavy-duty gardening, these are the essential tools needed by the regular homeowner to keep everything in check. Whether you are a new homeowner or a veteran, these handy problem-solving tools will help you get your perfect lawn. Post Source


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