5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Electric Gates
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5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Electric Gates

by PAZillow on May 6, 2021
5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Electric Gates

Many homeowners have made the switch to automatic gating from the traditional manual version and if you are thinking of joining them, there are safety aspects to consider, as well as maintenance. In order to assist you with your new electric gates, here are some things you should never do!
Choosing The Wrong Design
In the event you choose an unsuitable design, you will certainly regret it, which is why you should spend as much time as is necessary to come up with the best design. The best approach is to search with Google for a leading UK custom gate company, then make an appointment for one of their technicians to pay you a visit and the expert can offer design advice. There are many add-ons that you can include in the package, such as intercom and CCTV cameras that allow you to see the other side before opening the gates, plus a side door with a keypad locking system for pedestrians.
Never Forget Gate Maintenance
One thing you should never do regarding the installation of electric gates for houses is to forget about essential maintenance, as the moving parts require lubrication, plus other components need to be examined for wear and tear. When looking for custom electric gates with installation, you should also consider the after-sales services or the maintenance the supplier provides, if any.  When the gates are installed, the supplier would wish to create a service schedule, which may or may not be at extra cost, as this enables the technician to carry out the scheduled service calls. Your warranty would likely be void if essential service is not carried out and should the team find any potential issues, repairs are carried out before the problem gets worse.
Avoid DIY Solutions
In the event something malfunctions, never try to rectify the issue yourself, as electric gates are very complex, unless you happen to be an electric gate technician, of course. The supplier would offer a comprehensive warranty on both materials and labour, yet a condition of this warranty would be that only qualified personnel are allowed to service or repair the unit.

Never Place An Object In The Path Of The Gate
Electric gates do have at least one safety mechanism that instantly shuts down the motor, should the invisible beam of light be breached. Some units have a system that not only stops the gate, it also reverses a little. Even though the gate has safety mechanisms, you should not allow anything to cross into the path of the gate. You should periodically check that the gate track is greased and free from debris, while the operation should be smooth and silent; if you notice any issues, call out the gate supplier and let professionals fault-find and carry out repairs.
Never Lose The Remote Control
While it is possible to order spare remote units, losing the unit to the wrong hands is like inviting burglars into your home.
If you are interested in a quote for electric gates, Google will help you to locate a leading custom gate supplier and you can browse the many designs and take the first step to replacing your existing gates. Post Source


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